Sync Music

Martyn Phillips is a freelance music composer, creating unique and compelling music scores for film, television, games, corporate music, and many more. Martyn has scored several film and TV series, had music used in TV adverts, and worked with many music libraries. Genres covered include adventure, seasonal, Film and TV trailer music, and original music scores.

Music for trailers, advertising, film, TV, and media
Martyn undertakes musical content composition & production for a variety of clients, including corporate, TV, advertising, and many more. Martyn's aim is to increase the impact of your movie, through the combination of award-winning music and your visuals. Martyn believes in writing creative music that will expand the breadth of your visual journey, delivering music for your project both on time and on budget!

Sync Music Licensing
A Sync Music license allows you to use Martyn's music in a specific piece such as a movie, video game or commercial, at a fixed-fee for one-time use. The cost will be dependent on the prominence of the piece, how it will be used, how much of the song will be used in the piece, and whether the piece will be used in its original form, or be covered by another artist.

All of Martyn's releases have been thoroughly meta-tagged for iTunes, SoundMiner and other users, and feature a wide variety of alternate mixes, stems and sound design elements, to give your editors as much flexibility as possible. Martyn is always happy to help with custom work, so do get in touch to see if he can help with your next project!

Martyn is happy to discuss any new projects you may have – to contact him,
email Martyn at [email protected]

"I have scored several film and TV series, had my music used in TV adverts, and worked with many music libraries."